Explore Singing Dunes in Altyn – Emel National Park, Kazakhstan

Altyn- Emel National Park in Kazakhstan is becoming one of the attractive tourist destinations, after scientists discovered a strange dunes,  singing dune. It frequently emits melodious sound like organ. Very interesting!

Altyn- Emel National park is the largest protected areas of Kazakhstan, is located near the Chinese border. It is increasingly popular with the melodious sound emanating from the sand. Tourists come here amazed with singing dunes, soft sound like the sound of the organ. Sound will be louder and clearer if sitting slide down from the hilltop.

Singing dune with melodious sound like organ

Singing dunes in Altyn-Emel national park with 150 meters high and about 3 km long. Its special feature is the ability to emit strange sounds like organ sound when the weather is hot and dry. The sound is not emitted continuously, each lasting only a few minutes.

Currently, the scientists have yet to agree on the interpretation of the sound phenomenon of dunes. But most of them said that the friction between sand particles with the hot weather and wind have made this strange sound. Every breeze rolls over sand dunes, sand particles move along the way and create mysterious sounds. When tourists slipped from the top, sand running down and the sound becomes clearer. Like you’re standing on a singing dune!

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Singing dunes is just one of countless interesting attractions in Altyn-Emel, the national park has an area larger than Hong Kong 4 times. In this park, the archaeologists also discovered many fossil animals, from rhinos to ancient turtles, even those fossils had hundreds of years old.

Altyn -Emel National Park is home to over 260 species of animals live here, from Buzzard to the beaver. Very rich in species. This area also used to be inhabited by Saka nomadic tribes, where still preserved thousands of years old burial place of tribal rulers. Tourists love archaeological discoveries, then this place is easy to find for visitors to explore.

In addition, come to the Altyn- Emel national park not only explore mysterious singing dunes, can also visit Sharyn canyons with interesting wild landscape. On arriving, visitors will be surprised by the impressive nature with giant rock, diverse in style. Sharyn canyons is 155km long and was dubbed the “children of the Grand Canyon.”

A lot of tourists come here to listen to the singing dunes

Singing dunes in Altyn- Emel national park in Kazakhstan is increasingly attracting the curious attention of many visitors, especially those who love backpacking.

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