Discover Unique and Charming “Chocolate Hills” in Philippines

Discover Unique and Charming “Chocolate Hills” in Philippines, “Chocolate Hills” in Philippines increasingly attracts more tourists to visit, become one of the attractive tourist destinations. By the unique and charm beauty that nature bestowed Philippines.

Chocolate Hills” located in the province of Bohol, Philippines, with nearly 2,000 undulating conical hills, average height of 30-50m, many hills with the formidable height to 120 meters, stretches over an area of 50km2 . The “chocolate” hill was once the layers of sedimentary rock emerging from the sea in a process of geological movement. Cone of the hill is made up of wind and erosion over time.

The “chocolate hills” is covered by smooth green lawn, but in the dry season, when the grass withered away, this entire lawn turns yellow and the end of the dry season, the grass dies, this hills dyed brown simultaneously, typical color of chocolate, making the hill looks like giant chocolate, as its name.

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Especially as nearly 2,000 chocolate hills are exactly the same color, and changes color when season changes create a wonderful space.

In addition to the unique beauty of chocolate hills in Philippines, also contain the mysterious origin makes chocolate hills became very famous.

• The first myth: The story involves a feud between two giants. They used stones and sand as weapons, they fought for many days continuously, until both are exhausted, they forget the feud together, and became friends with each other. Their fight, leaving the rubble, chaos. That forming legend “chocolate” hills as today.

• The second myth: Bring more romantic nature, related to the love story of a very young and powerful gods named Arogo. He fell in love with an ordinary girl is Aloya. Shortly after, this girl is sick and die, too grief the gods cried tears fall down to earth and became the Chocolate hills as today

The origin of chocolate hills in Philippines does not seem to be answered, it will remain a mystery. To suit its name, the assumptions made are bearing the colors of myth and tinged with romance.

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To serve the needs of visitors visiting here, the resort is designed with full amenities. Observatory and the tour path is also very well prepared for tourists to admire the unique natural wonders in the best conditions.

Chocolate Hills is indeed a rare natural wonders in the world and has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Philippines. It has become the soul of Bohol province and it is also the reason why the image of the hill was put on the flag and the seal of the province.

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