Discover Baan Rai I Ecotourism Resort in Thailand

Discover Baan Rai I Ecotourism Resort in Thailand, If you’re fed up with the crowded, bustling streets, let come to Baan Rai I Ecotourism resort in Thailand. Here you will enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of a resort with farm model.

Baan Rai I Arun Ecotourism resort is located in Amphoe Muang Ranong, Ranong, Thailand. In particular, the Baan in Thai means home, Rai is Farm, I is fog, Arun is Dawn. It truly is a home that you can see the full dawn and early morning dew drops on the leaves in the garden

Baan Rai I Arun is a resort in a … countryside. It is a combination of unique architecture, botanical gardens, natural freshness and the warm feeling of a home – as soon as you walked in.

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Eco-tourism zone is formed from an idea of ​​a young architect named Viroj Chimme. Initially, Viroj Chimme just want to make a friendly space to live a simple life with his family. From the initial idea, it gradually became a homestay resort for tourists can experience the feeling of ‘coming back home’.

Visitors come in the morning opened eyes up, they’ll see the natural spread out before them. The whole family will take to the fields, sowing, watering, and harvesting delicious vegetables.

All meals are prepared from organic food available in the farm. Vegetables here are cultivated according to organic methods. When evening came, they went fishing, streams and in the evening gathering watching the starry sky. And here, the chaos, the stress of modern life seems to be disappearing.

Guests can manually planting new vegetable, and come back harvest in the following days. And here, the chaos, the stress of modern life seems to be disappearing.

Around Baan Rai I Arun is natural scenery incredibly beautiful and unspoiled.

Airy interior space so visitors always feel the breeze of natural sunlight.


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Baan Rai I Arun is away from Bangkok 25km, priced from 1,400 baht (40 dollars) (Monday – Thursday), 1700 baht (50 dollars) (weekends and holidays). The above prices include breakfast for 2 persons. If you want to rent tents will add extra 300 baht. Note that there is no wifi, no TV, no fridge (because everything is fresh material completely).

To get here, you can travel by various means such as use flight of Nok Air at 16:30 every day, starting from Bangkok; Getting Chumphon train station; Chumpon mini bus goes from 6am to 5pm each day, each trip takes about 2 hours to arrive … For help on any information, you can visit the Ranong Cafe and Information, located in the right path from bus stop to the the main road.

Baan Rai I Arun Ecotourism destination surely will erase the fatigue stress in your daily life and take you back along with beautiful nature.

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