Explore the Picturesque Trails

Explore the Picturesque Trails, Beautiful natural scenery bestowed by the Creator, always be the inspiration for the tourists, by the natural beauty, smooth and full of mystery. Admire the picturesque trails to feel close to nature.

1. Rhododendron “tunnel” in the Reenagross park, Ireland

Trails in the Reenagross park, Ireland as red carpet by rhododendron flower spreading the road, two sides are intertwined trees, creating a “tunnel”. Entering into this tunnel, you’ll feel like you are walking into the mysterious fairy tale.

2. The road between bamboo forest in Arashiyama, Japan

The trail extends about 400 meters between two rows of lush bamboo, reaching almost 30 meters. Walking between rustling bamboo forest, under the fresh atmosphere, you will feel like you are lost in the magical ancient world.

3. The way leaves fall in the White Carpathians range between the border Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Referring to the picturesque trails to mention the road leaves falling in the White Carpathians. Autumn, fall colors filled the woods, yellow leaves covering the forest floor. Any couple will want once been shown as gold leaf-covered roads. So romantic

4. Cherry blossoms roads at Spencer Smith Park, Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

Spring came, the cherry trees blooming, between 2 trails cherry trees covered by cherry petals. What’s more interesting than you walk down the road was strewn with petals, sometimes with the wind through, shaking slightly, as the flying peach petals, like in the interesting movie.

5. Wildflowers road in the spring in Netherlands

The road between the majestic trees, under a tree, what kind of special training wildflowers sprouting, spring comes, the flowers, bloom cover the whole forest. At bove is the green trees, and under is the white flowers. Great

6. Magical Trail in Bavaria forest, Germany.

7. Trail between bluebells Forest in Belgium.

8. Dawn on snowy roads in Campigna national parks, Italy.

9. Trails in the Padley Gorge valley, under the Peak District National Park, England.

These steps cover green moss on the trails

10. Trail in Dog Mountain, Washington, USA

Step foot on the trail at Dog Mountain, Washington, United States, you do not sort out before the charm yellow of endless carpet of yellow flowers on either side.

Someone once said: “The world is a book and who do not travel read only one page of the book ” … If you love to explore, then please plan your trip, to new lands, explore new things. The picturesque trail you should not ignore! Come here, and admire the creation of endowed.

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