Hobbiton Movie Set- Interesting Tourist Destination

Hobbiton Movie Set- Interesting Tourist Destination, Hobbiton Movie Set is preserved and become attractive tourism destination in New Zealand. Ancient poetic scene of the Movie Set has attracted a lot of tourists come here.

If you are fan of two films, “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” of director Peter Jackson, certainly can not forget the stunning scene, wild and spectacular as in the fairy tale

After the film was shown, the Hobbition Movie Set has been preserved intact and became a popular tourist address. The movie set located in the town of Matamata, New Zealand.

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Matamata farm town not only has unspoiled, magnificent scenery but also has mild climate. All of them make this town like a beautiful fairy.

Hobbition Movie Set still intact image of 44 small holes as lovely cave houses for the characters in the film. Each house of the characters in the film have different fun shapes.

But most of the houses are beautiful in Hobbition Movie Set with round doors, table and tea with lovely seats. The tiny house is in the flowers and trees, beautiful as picture

Tiny houses, vegetable gardens, banquet areas, winding paths between the hills, wells, barrel … almost intact compared to the scene in the movie.

Surrounding this resort is the sheep farm, green meadows, peaceful and romantic. The entrance inside Hobbit village is a small trail weaving between the high grassy mound and flowers.

Be blessed, where the climate is always temperate. Thus the village retains the image of bright green grass hills, cool lakes and blooming flowers. Sometimes, a few roofs, these cute sheep appear under the doors as gentle little friends greet guests from afar.

Therefore, when traveling to Hobbiton, New Zealand in any season of the year, you also feel very comfortable with cool weather and natural scenery here is always fresh. After strolling tourists can stay at the Green Dragon wine pub to enjoy wine and food. This pub is built with standard sizes so that tourists can relax, experience the space as in the film.

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Besides, from Auckland downtown, New Zealand, about 30 minutes to enjoy the beautiful scenes on ferries to Waiheke island, visitors will feel like you are lost in another world, a paradise of olive, grape gardens with extremely beautiful beaches.

With many historical sites, wildlife and habitat diversity, Waiheke is a national treasure of New Zealand

The interesting things here will give you the incredibly wonderful experience. Every year, the town of Matamata and Hobbition Movie Set attract more than 36,000 tourists.

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