Montana Magica Hotel – Fairy Hotel among Chile Forest

Montana Magica Hotel – Fairy Hotel among Chile Forest, Inspired by nature, the Montana Magia hotel is shaped like a volcano brought such beauty came out of the fairytale. Montana Magica is the ideal destination for those who love nature and want to explore the pristine jungle.

Situated deep in the tropical forests 120,000 ha of Hulio Hulio nature reserve in southern Chile, Magic Mountain Hotel, also known as Montana Magia has beauty as step from fairy tales.

The hotel is shaped like a volcano is covered with moss and trees. But instead of lava, the hotel has a waterfall is always erupting from the top down foothills turned the place into a pure land of nature and flowers

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Inspired by nature, so the material to build the hotel mostly from wood was designed by the artists from Puerto Fuy and Neltume. Motto of the hotel is to respect and protect the environment.

In addition 13 rooms systems, each room has heating, bathroom, and a safety deposit box. The highlight of the rooms in the hotel interior is made entirely of natural wood. Even bathtub carved from hollow tree trunk with natural hot water and pure. The white window blinds, outside are covered with moss and vines look like an old castle in fairytale

It also provides restaurants, bars, spas and thermal baths in the hollow tree trunk. In addition, visitors also can ride a horse, fishing, boating or warm up at mini golf.

The only entrance visitors can go to La Montana Magica hotel is through a swinging rope bridge.

Bedroom create relaxed and cozy feeling

In the winter, the hotel becomes magical. Among the snow, the light coming through the window made this place more shimmering and brilliant

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The minimum time to stay at Montana Magia is 2 nights, with room for 1 to 4 people. Children under 4 years of age and the animals are prohibited brought here for the purpose of protecting animal and plant species in the forest. If you want to cancel the room, visitors must be done before 15 days or they will be charged the first night. Lowest price around 220 USD.

Because of the unique beauties, Montana Magica Lodge becomes destinations that many people choose when it comes to Huilo Huilo nature reserve.

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