Notting Hill Carnival – The Carnival of Fashion and Flesh

Notting Hill Carnival, Come to the Notting Hill Carnival is coming to the party of music, color, wild dances, sexy girls and fiery dancers burn out with the music

Notting Hill Carnival is one of the most featured cultural events in London, England.

The Notting Hill Carnival first time was held in 1964, this festival is the original of the Trinidad slaves who lived in England held, then British introduced and organizes this festival every year. But today, it is an occasion to honor multiculturalism and race in London. Very few people know that this is an opportunity for people showing off the colorful and sexy costumes – which are banned completely in the days of slavery hundreds of years ago. The costumes are worn in the carnival very gaudy, parody deliberately frivolous fashion style of Western society centuries ago.

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This is an annual activity of the African community – Caribbean in August in London, England. Notting Hill Carnival attracts hundreds of thousands of travelers and thousands of dancers with colorful clothes. Here visitors will enjoy the performances of drummers, colorful dancer’s groups and majestic sound systems with vibrant atmosphere.

Featured on the street is the dancer with sizzling and eye-catching outfits. They will parade, outdoor dance performances. The dance is very sensual. Also during the period of the event are also many games and other activities for people joined in.

The festival has become a feast of music and dance with a large fiery dancer wearing colorful feathers, glittering in the parade.

The gentleman will not be able to take your eyes off the sizzling performances of the dancers, and the sexy outfits of the girls involved.

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If compared with the carnival in Brazil, the Notting Hill carnival is not big in size and level of investment. But it also offers attractive peculiarities due to influence from European costumes and culture.

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