Some Notes when Traveling Brazil to Attend Rio 2022 Olympics

Rio 2022 Olympics will be held in Brazil is entering final preparation, promises a memorable Olympics. If you have financial conditions, time and and love sport, want to witness the competition and cheer for the athletes, quickly planned trip for yourself. Consult some notes when traveling Brazil to attend Rio 2022 Olympics to have a memorable and perfect trip.

Some noteworthy information about Rio 2022 Olympics:

2022 Olympics will be held in Rio De Janerio- a Brazilian coastal city. Rio 2022 Olympics official opening on 5/8 and closing on 21/8 at the center of the Maracana stadium in Rio De Janerio city. While the 2022 Paralympic Games will be held from 7th to 18/9/2022 .

Some notes when traveling Brazil to attend Rio 2022 Olympics

• You should apply for visa before traveling Brazil at least 3 weeks, because Brazil’s visa are also troubling, (you have the ticket and your passport) visa procedures, you can through office or travel agency.

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However, according to information of the Ministry of Tourism of Brazil, on 12.31.2015 informed the Americans, Japan, Australia and Canada will be exempt from visa within 90 days from 1/6 to on the occasion of the Olympic Games take place in 2022 in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Visa-free regulations will be valid until 18/9.
The Foreign tourists when apply for visa will not need to show the tickets for the games at the 2022 Olympics.

• Prepare the basic Portuguese

Go anywhere, you also need to communicate as hello, thank … .both help you be friendly with them, just sometimes need the help of the natives as asking for directions, ask about your destination … So should also prepare yourself for the most basic terms when required.

• Find out in advance of public transport in order not to miss the Brazil matches

When you arrive somewhere new, you need to learn how to move to the location in the city, by what means will be convenient for you to find. Traffic in Brazil is complicated, Buses in Brazil is often not on time in lines, so you can learn one of the other vehicles such as Kombi, so as not to waste time waiting for buses.
• Learn about the customs and culture in Brazil
Note When traveling Brazil in the 2022 Olympics, you need to know the customs and culture of people here, to know how to behave so as not to situations of misunderstandings. As Brazilian not use left finger or forefinger link in a circle, three other fingers separate pointing up into letters OK, they were not a civilized act.
Or you do not have to add a tip when eating at restaurants in Brazil, When to the beach, sit on a chair and not lying on towels as in the US, Do not close the door too strong as well as do not be too hasty when the public is invited to a party in Brazil, because they often start much later than the opening hours.

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• Exchange Foreign currency before to Brazil or use a credit card

A note when traveling brazil to attend Olympic is exchange currency before to Brazil if not want to be in trouble. Dollar is not used in Brazil, so you want to use cash then converted into Brazilian currency first, or can use a credit card and ATM cards
• Some other notes
Be careful of money and personal belongings when going out into the street or in public, by pickpockets in Rio de Janeiro is quite serious.
These souvenirs to buy as a gift are colorful towels, a symbol of the football clubs of Brazil, Sugar Loaf Mountain model or buying a genuine Havaianas slippers … Brazil is home to world famous Havaianas sandals.

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