Saint Lucia Island – Island Paradise in Caribbean

Saint Lucia Island – Island Paradise in Caribbean, Tiny island but too famous- Saint Lucia is a popular tourist address in Caribbean. Charming scenery here makes many tourists fascinated.

Saint Lucia island is just 619km² wide, population less than 200 thousand people, is one of the island attracting the largest number of tourists in Caribbean. Situated in the eastern island of the Caribbean, in the Lesser Antilles archipelago.

Due to fit among the volcanic island of the ocean, Saint Lucia has scene is quite different from the other island waters. It is famous for its spectacular mountain ranges formed from volcanic activity, forests, huge Lucia old tree, lush meadows and colorful flower gardens ….. highest here is Gimie mountain (950 meter), but the most famous is the 2 mountains located next to each other is Piton (600m high) shaped like women’s breasts. Two mountains are also known to many tourists and was chosen as the symbol of Saint

Saint Lucia island – Tourists come here are mostly families and couples for honeymoon vacation. Besides immersed in the beautiful scenery, visitors can relax in the hot mud pools, the fine white beach or join in exploring exciting volcano trip.

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St.Lucia has more than 20 heated lakes always boiling (temperature more than 300 degrees); Natural hot water sources are said to be able to cure all types of diseases from joint pain, insect bites to burns … The color of the sea here is very strange: a mix of black, brown and yellow – the colors of the minerals such as iron, sulfur, calcium oxide and other substances.

In the north of the island is the Rodney Bay with many modern resorts. In the south, Soufrière is the center of a beautiful area with old plantations, private beach and geological wonders of the two Piton tops tourists always praised “nothing more wonderful!”.

Reduit Beach in Rodney Bay is about two kilometers long. The sand here has yellow color and big grain of sand. Sea water, horizontal viewing has jade color. Waves are not too big, suitable for the needs of swimming, playing.

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Look to the south, end of the beach is a low mountain, to the north is Pigeon Island – a small island, as well as a protected area, is connected to the shore by the bridge ..

Many sports games on the beach such as jet ski ride or paracelling ready to serve tourists when traveling Saint Lucia Island.

Saint Lucia Island is the address for many couples looking for honeymoon. This island becomes one of the attractive tourist destination to discover this summer.

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