Super Beautiful Scenery in Silfra Fissure

Super Beautiful Scenery in Silfra Fissure, Vivid, super beautiful world underwater belonging to Silfra fissure can conquer anyone once admire.

Silfra is a deep fissure on the ocean floor Belongs Þingvellir – Iceland national park. This is where the separation of North America with the Asian – Europe continent. This fissure was created by two great tectonic plates of the earth once connected and gradually drifted apart.

Each year, cracks extended to about 2 cm. In the deep waters of the Atlantic, this crack is mainly invisible. But at Silfra, Iceland glaciers melting has purity as distilled water make the cracks can be observed.

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This is the only place on earth where people can explore the underwater boundary among two continents. With the vision to more than 90m deep, seawater at Silfra fissure can be regarded as the world’s cleanest.

Mathieu Foulquie, a French marine biologists, diving to a depth of 15 m in the Silfra fissure in the south of Iceland, said: “When the my friends see pictures, their initial feeling is it like in space by the water is too clean. I believe this is one of the cleanest countries on the planet ”

Water in the Silfra valley is very cold, temperatures down to -2 to -4 ° C, and this temperature is maintained throughout the year. The cold makes the water becomes clear and cleaner because there is the life of the sea creatures. The water here is considered the world’s purest. Whereby the water melt from the ice blocks on the  Hofsjokull mountain away 50km flow in. Water flow down osmotic into the rock and then flows to the Þingvellir national park. Process water from the Hofsjokull mountains to the Þingvellir garden was purified through lava rocks with tiny holes. The seawater is becoming too pure that people can drink directly and do not need process.

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The professional and amateurs divers can travel among two frontiers Europe – America under rocks tens of kilometers long. At the same time they can touch to the 2 continents.

Although there have been many people join in diving among the Silfra valley, few dare to dive into Silfra rock caves with depth of at least 63 meters. Due to the depth and narrow path, Silfra caves contain many dangerous for divers.

Because Silfra fissure is part of the national park strictly protected, tourists will have to register to participate in a expeditions group have guide are allowed start traveling to the canyon at the bottom of the sea.

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