Visit the Beautiful Island of Madeira – The Hometown of C. Ronaldo

Visit the Beautiful Island of Madeira – The Hometown of C. Ronaldo, Madeira Island in Portugal is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Europe, where known as the Garden of Eden of the Atlantic Ocean with many attractive and beautiful scenery. There is also the leading Spa service in European, enjoy the famous wines specially formulated with delicious food.

Cristinano Ronaldo was born in Funchal, a coastal city of the beautiful Madeira archipelago, located in the North Atlantic Ocean, 520 km from the Africa sea and 1000km from the European continent. Funchal is also one of the oldest cities on the island, proud of many churches, works of art, architecture and historic gardens.

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The Hometown of C. Ronaldo

Madeira Island is a famous tourist destination, with temperatures hovering around 16 degrees in the winter and 22 degrees in the summer, therefore, the weather on this island is always cool and pleasant.
Formed from volcanic rock, Poca do Gomes pool at Ponta da Cruz is an unique tourist destination in Madeira that visitors should not ignore. Swim in the natural lava lake, with water taken directly from the crystal clear sea, just soak in pool, admire the views of Atlantic. Will give you an unforgettable experience.

In addition to the pool, Madeira Island also attracts tourists with small sandy beaches, since cliffs grown close to the sea, the cliffs undulating with many different designs, such as the clear waters of jade, cool, fresh air.


The Hometown of C. Ronaldo

In addition to admire this charming scenery, visitors to Port Santo by ferry where you can participate in water sports as windsurfing or rent parasailing to explore the island from the air.
Maderia is also the brand name of a famous wines, carefully prepared, specific flavor of the islands. Madeira has 3 types, are called according to grape variety used to produce the wine. What’s more interesting than sipping a glass of wine under the beautiful scenery, balmy air.

Especially can watch the world’s largest fireworks performances at in the city of Funchal in Madeira Islands in every Eve (according to Guinness World Records)

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Come to this beautiful island, do not forget to take time to care yourself with spa services extremely modern, Madeira Islands are considered one of the “leading spa destinations in Europe”. With modern rooms and spa treatments.
When traveling to the Madeira Islands, visitors should not miss the opportunity to admire the view of archipelago from the top position. Follow one of the buses on the island, or irrigation channels, from high up the central area of the island.

You will be overwhelmed by the magnificent scenery and huge wildlife nature reserves, the small town nestled in the valley, cliff. Create complete colorful picture

A corner of the city of Funchal, where the player C. Ronaldo was born and grow up

Dubbed as “the Garden of Eden of the Atlantic ‘, Madeira Island in Portugal is known for its farmers markets, including the most famous is the Mercado dos Lavrasdores in Funchal. In the tree-covered stalls on the ladder, the goods were sold here tropical fruit, you can buy fruits, flowers, fish, and clothing. Then stop at the restaurant, and enjoy an extremely delicious dishes!

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Home of the most expensive players on planet is really wonderful

You love handsome players, talented as Ronaldo. Visit homeland where your idol was born. Maderia Island is truly ideal attractive tourist destination for nature lovers.

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