The World’s Most Expensive Nightclubs

The World’s Most Expensive Nightclubs, The List below is the most expensive nightclubs with unique style. This is where the rich usually come

Hakkasan, Las Vegas, USA

At Hakkasan, hardly any wine bottle for under few thousand dollars. This is the regular place of famous people or people with too much money. They spend $ 100,000 for a bottle of wine without winking

La Fira, Spain

La Fira is known for unique furniture and antique. But the biggest attraction is the bar, where sold bottles of champagne very long and expensive. In addition, this nightclub has recreational activities and dozens exciting game.

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Cavalli, Dubai

Cavalli nightclub located in Fairmont Tower and spread over three floors in an impressive way. The bar is molded under designer Robert Cavalli. It’s famous for about 356,000 Swarovski diamonds along the expensive wine bottle. Moreover, this is also where showcase the famous luxury design of Cavalli. So, it’s no surprise that a lot of DJs dreamed of working there.

XS Club, Las Vegas, USA

XS is known as the club’s most luxurious in the city. It features a large dance floor of 4,000 m2, champagne and other drinks do not have the prices lower than thousands of dollars. It deserves as one of the most expensive nightclub of the planet.

Halikarnas, Turkey

Nightclub is located in the resort town of Bodrum. The club is located near beautiful beaches, where visitors can walk and play with the waves in the music. Halikarnas can accommodate up to 10,000 people. Besides, the architectural style was inspired by ancient Roman times as well as the unique features of Halikarnas. A famous night club in Turkey.

Cocoon, Germany

Cocoon is the most famous club in Germany. Although can accommodate up to 1,200 people, not easy to walk in the door. With a luxurious interior and a 360-degree projection screen for added personality, Cocoon makes anyone have dreamed once arrived.

LIV Club, Florida, USA

Located adjacent to Miami Beach, this expensive nightclub covers an area up to 10,000 m2. LIV Club attracts famous people and wealthy businessmen from all over the world, people are willing to spend $ 100,000 for a bottle of champagne. A special feature of this is if want to escape the loud music, you can go out walking along the sea waves.

Chlosterli, Switzerland

Located in the Alps, Chlosterli brings comfort and warmth of winter frost. At night, Chlosterli is the dance floor brings the style of the 1970s, but in day, it becomes the favorite restaurants of the locals and tourists.

Pangea Club, Singapore

This night club is always crowded. You will pay $ 20,000 for entrance fee (but not always have a place) and then the equivalent amount for a drink. Since founded in 2011, Pangea quickly became popular and the most luxurious destination of Singapore.

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Aquarium Club, UK

Located in central London, the Aquarium is the richest club in England. You can soak up the dance floor or enjoy a cocktail in the pool. However, most of the features of the Aquarium is the atmosphere of the 70s, 80 exuding from the music, staff costumes or impressive space.

Go to one of the most expensive nightclubs in the world you will feel the lavish, luxurious and fun in these places.

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