Travel Kangaroo Island to Immerse in Beautiful Nature

Travel Kangaroo Island to Immerse in Beautiful Nature, Majestic nature, abundant flora and fauna and delicious dishes create attractions for Kangaroo Island. If you love wild life, come and discover this place. One in the attractive tourist destination.

Beautiful nature on Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island in South Australia, an area of nearly 4,500 km2 and more than 4,600 residents living on the island. Island consists of four towns: Penneshaw; American River; Parndana; Flinders Chase and Kingscote. Kangaroo Island is known as the Galapagos (Islands World Heritage of Ecuador) of Australia

Along the length more than 150 kilometers of the island, you will see vertical cliffs, trees on the coast, as the towering sand dunes, or natural kangaroo jump in the roadside.

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The location of Kangaroo Island worth visiting are scattered all over the island.

Interesting experiences on the island

Explore the lives of wild animals

Kangaroo Island has a special diversity and richness ecosystem. It has more than 200 species of birds live and a lot of other animals and plants. Therefore there are many interesting experiences with animals for visitors.

You can feed for pelicans; watching kangaroos running around, holding their children; or playing with the cute penguins. Do not forget to save the picture along with the sea lions at Seal Bay and New Zealand fur seals playing in Flinders Chase National Park if you are lucky enough to see them.

Admire the beautiful nature

Nature in Kangaroo Island was beautiful. That may be the rocky rapids in Vivonne Bay, the white sand beaches stretching blue seaside; majestic hills… famous breakwater in Emu Bay or Penneshaw is also not to be missed while in Kangaroo Island.

Adorn the island there are dreaming lavender fields. Passionate floral harmony in space that visitors can feel the relaxed atmosphere.

Kangaroo Island is also home to Cape Willoughby – the first lighthouse built in South Australia to help ships avoid underground rocks when moving.

Romantic and endless beaches

To the south of Destrees Bay, you will have the opportunity to dive with unique sea dragons on the island, or scuba diving to explore the shipwreck graveyard near the shore. Walk around the beach, visitors can easily find dozens of ideal locations for the family or couples want to have their own space full of dreamy, romantic.

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If conditions permit, Travel Kangaroo Island you can rent a boat to pass through the golden sandy beaches around Nepean Bay and surf at Pennington.

Enchanting cuisine

Referring to Kangaroo Island, the first thing that visitors to remember is probably fine wines produced on the island. Meals with Wine and new fresh seafood is nothing better..

Not only that, Kangaroo Island cuisine also fascinate visitors with honey ice cream, cheese made from milk bee or dishes from sweet chestnut are grown in farms on the island.

Kangaroo Island with beautiful nature and exciting experiences are waiting for you to explore.

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