Vibrant Rio Carnival in Brazil

Vibrant Rio Carnival in Brazil, Taking place in Sapucai Sambadrome- city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Rio Carnival is known as the biggest carnival on the planet. Along attends this hot festival with sexy dancers.

Carnival in Rio is the biggest and famous carnival in the world. The festival is held in February each year.

Carnaval takes place in many cities in Brazil, but Carnival in Rio is considered the most monumental scale. On the occasion of the festival, Rio never stops jubilant and excited by the brilliant colors of costumes, beautiful dances, bright smiles, hot sexy body.

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Carnaval is a carnival or festival of love. Attendees will dress colorful costumes and participate in the parade on the streets. The parade through the streets full of colors.

And unique is the fiery dancer will perform vibrant Samba dance. This dance is the soul of the festival.

The focus of the festival is the parade of colorful and vibrant Samba dancers. This festival is held annually at Sambodromo. This is the competition for the championship of the dancers from the samba schools. Coming to the parade is the excellent choreograpers, the colorful costumes and enchanting parade cars and music that visitors can not stop swaying.

Joyful Samba and extremely sexy. Samba dancers dressed very open, revealing many parts of body, vibrant colors and dance to the music. It is really sexy dance”. These dances have made the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro truly active and vibrant. Some say that somewhat erotic and offensive. But for the Brazilian, Carnival was their pride and an opportunity to celebrate the beauty of the body – like the ancient Olympic spirit – and express the unique culture of Brazil through traditional Samba.

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Referring to Rio Carnival is mention to the splendid costume of the Samba dancer, an indispensable part of the festival.  The boys, girls dressed all kinds, from cowboy dancer to make the city more colorful.

In the framework of the festival also includes a costume contest was held at the official hotel Gloria annually. Here you can see many outfits that have never been seen in your lifetime.


Come to Rio Carnival, to the dancers, to the tune of traditional Sampa dancing and fire in wild atmosphere of the festival.

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