Visit the Giethoorn Village – Fairy Village Without Road in Netherlands

The Giethoorn village, Netherlands with the blue canals surround, lovely little house, especially not being noisy, smog by motor vehicles because there is no path, peaceful village scene as in fairy tales. This place is one of the attractive tourist destinations by tourists choose.

Giethoorn village is away from Steenwijck 5km to the southwest, in the province of Overijssel, Githoorn village has no road, was known as the “Venice of the Netherlands“, by the quaint, idyllic, the most poetic kingdom of Dutch windmills just as the Venice of the Italian tourist paradise.

Fairy Giethoorn village was discovered in 1230, by a group of Mediterranean migration, the first inhabitants of the village have found the peat mines, they dig holes in the coal mine for many years, and gradually coal pits gradually become waterholes. Therefore, it is especially the village of Giethoorn has no way yet, but all are surrounding canals.

Lies floating on the water with canals stretching 7.5 km through the village and about 50 wooden bridges spanning through small canals, Giethoorn completely “immune” to the usual means of transportation. Idyllic, peaceful and scenic winding canals. Most village houses were built with incidents, idyllic style, as of little fairytale house, with thatched roof, surrounded by gentle blue waters, romantic setting , the houses are connected by wooden bridges.

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In Giethoorn village, instead of moving in the car, the boat is a great mode of transportation. To discover this Giethoorn village, visitors can choose floating on the rustic small boat or walk through the trees. It all took place not noisy, or smog. Very peaceful, clean air.

The most interesting thing, if tourists visit the village of Giethoorn, Netherlands in winter. These tiny canals froze completely, forming “Magic” white roads.

Winter appears ice roads

If you want to try the feeling of floating over the river as the famous Venice in the Netherlands travel, the Giethoorn village is first worthy place to stop in your journey. These exciting experiences like entering a fairytale will give you unforgettable memories!

Admire the beauty as in the fairy tales of village Giethoorn, – the village without roads in Netherlands :

The way to village Giethoorn:

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